Esto es para mi, no van a entender un carajo de qué hablo.

there are endless ways to rendezvous with absolutely everything that your heart truly desires.

you know, when two people rendesvouz for a while, and none of them are willing to change the way they think and therefore are not able to enter to the vortex, then they often just go on separate ways, without really getting to know each other. See, they both are wanting things alike, but none of them think they can get them, so they sort of are a match to each other for a while, but then usually one of them gets in the vortex and suddenly they are just not a match anymore.

when you allow yourself to do anything that you really enjoy, we mean REALLY enjoy, you love doing it, everytime you're doing it, it feels great, you feel powerful, you feel happy, and passioned... when you do something that fulfills you so much, that's when you are who you really are. that's when people can see you, have a gilmpse of the wonderful being you are. you are incredible, you know that? you just like hiding it.

well, you see, it doesn't matter whether anyone sees who you really are or not, the only thing that really matters is that you learn to stop represing your wishes and the amazing things that are already in line waiting for you to get them. we are truly pleased that you can hear us we are not your imagination thiy are

no t words thids are your answerswe are just delighted that you are in the vortex.

-why am i scared if im in the vortex?

well you are scared because this is new to yo, you walways get scared of new things even when thay cnan be absolutely wonderful

-how do i know that if i hadn't done things differently, i would have evertyhing i want now?

uoui knoew it when you realize no matter what you do, these things they do not work out. and so if you try to force them, it just gets worse, and you finallly give uo o n it, you let go because you're so tired of it. bcause you see, you could have done things differently if you had felt ifferently, yes, but even if you did, he was still feeling the same way, and so the vibrational diffference would be too big for you to try to compensate. you can sort of influence someone else while being in the vortex, but you ca't drag him to it if he won't go. and he probably still hisn't willing to go, he wants to suffer a bit more... otherwise, he would be where you are.

you are holding yourself back you are just using ahim asa an excuse not yt go into the vortex. we think you just like the grieving,, you like looking back such a nostalgic being. and you can't look back and forward at the sime time, you know that,. so it's yourechoice where yo look. of course once in a while you will turn around and look behind, but isn't it sooooo much nicer to walk normally instead of walking backwards?

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  1. ahim asa... ahimsa, no-violencia.

  2. significa eso? jajaja igual re q no tiene con nada q ver de lo q puse... abraham es.... una larga historia jajaja.

  3. No sé que habrás pensando vos al ponerlo (andá a saber por donde estarías) pero puedo decirte que a la manera que lo interpreté yo es así, tal cual lo dice.

    Cuando hacés cosas que te gustan, estar feliz no es una decisión, simplmente pasa. Emana de uno.

    En fin, vamo' al vortex a morir o ser felices (o ambas, quien te dice)


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